Between the little ones and furry critters, life can get a little hectic.  And the last thing you need to worry about is your furniture.  Push your worry aside with Crypton® Home fabrics available at Calico.  GREENGUARD Certified Crypton fabrics safeguard furniture from stains, dirt and odor.  Your home and family will thank you – we guarantee it.

Crypton Home fabrics help take the stress out of life because they’re easy to clean. The unique, breakthrough technology of the Crypton finish will provide lasting protection and it won’t wear off.   Odors don’t stand a chance against the ultra resistant textiles.  Advanced fabric technology protects furniture from spills, sticky fingers, playful pets, unwelcome odors and all the messes in between. 

Dealing with a stain?  No problem!  Follow these easy steps for the best result! Mix a teaspoon of an enzyme-based detergent with 16 ounces of water.  Blot wet spill with a clean towel.  Next, spray mixed solution directly on the stain and gently rub with a soft brush.  Blot the blemish with a clean towel and rinse with lukewarm water.  For more demanding stains, repeat the process until satisfied.  Stain removal is a cinch with Crypton Home fabrics!

With over 30 fabrics priced less than $30 per yard, you’re bound to find the perfect Crypton fabric to fit your busy lifestyle.  Here are a few of our Crypton fabric favorites:






Shop Crypton Home fabrics online or locate the nearest Calico design center to see the entire collection. Battle all of life’s messes with super durable Crypton Home fabrics.

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Shades of purple are being spotted everywhere this season.  And now, this intriguing color can translate beautifully to fall interiors in fabric patterns, accents, furniture and more.  You may be wondering how to introduce shades of purple to fall interiors without looking overdone or overpowering.  The answer is simple:  Discover what works! Purple coordinates with many colors and textures giving you the power to define and shape the hue to your liking!

Shades of Purple

Purple is a versatile color.  From lovely lilac to violet, shades of purple draw heavily on it’s surroundings.  Lighter shades of purple like lavender and mauve, exude femininity and are best paired with a neutral or pastel based scheme.  Soft shades of purple create a sense of comfort and relaxation.  Use fabric texture to add dimension to lighter hues, adding to a laid-back feel.  Go bold with rich shades of plum, aubergine and violet.  The regal tones call for attention and makes a statement in any space.  Take the traditional route with deep solid fabrics like Milano Burgundy and London Amesthyst.  Looking for something more unique?  Bump it up a notch with eclectic fabric patterns.  Biko is a fun quirky ikat pattern against a dry linen ground.  The contrasting linen and sheen textures make the ikat dots pop against a neutral background.  Match accents with complimentary pattern color to ensure the theme is cohesive throughout the space.


Purple Monchromatic

There’s no such thing as too much purple!  If purple is your favorite color, maybe a monochromatic space is the ideal choice.  Break up purple spaces with color fabric patterns and neutral window treatments.  To avoid an overwhelming space, incorporate neutral tones and colors in window treatments and upholstered furniture.  To soften the view, we chose full length draperies in Burke Wool Plain Camel Hair.  The drapery style gives the illusion of height and keeps the attention on the lively upholstered sofa and flanking Garland Chairs in Gylfie Fuchsia.  What do you like about this space?

Purple Accents

Shades of purple are great for home accents.  Toss a pile of purple pillows on a sofa, chair or bed for an added punch of color.  Match purple pillows and accents to window treatments or painted walls.  For a subtle look, choose lighter shades of purple.  Light purple shades are visually calming and easily translate to every room in the house!  Try contrasting light purple prints with white and pastel hues.


Purple Custom Furnishings

Invite guests to linger in your fall home with upholstered seating.  Our Burton Chair in Bandini Plum is a total knock out.  Bandini is a fresh, fun print with a weave effect that gives the pattern a needlepoint look.  Eclectic fabrics, like Bandini, are great a choice for custom sofas, chairs and ottomans.  Throw a custom piece in a living area to draw attention to a fascinating view.  We have over 250 furniture frames with customizable detail and styling options, allowing you to create truly unique furnishings that fit your home and lifestyle.

BANDINI // PLUM Burton Chair 


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Summer is behind us, but good things lie ahead for autumn—our Fall Catalog is just around the corner! Our latest home design catalog is full of new products, hues and inspiration that will get you through your end of summer grief and looking forward to readying your home for a cozy, stylish autumn. Enjoy a sneak preview of the fall catalog before it arrives in your home.

While summer brought calming neutrals, the pages of our latest design catalog invite you to indulge in bold colors, warm hues and rich textures. Match dark mahogany with rich colors of the Bandini Plum print, a fresh interplay of aubergine, fuchsia, green and orange. Luxurious textures, like velvet add depth to home furnishings or accents. Smooth, soft velvet textures on chairs, sofas and throw pillows invite guests to linger longer  in luxurious fall spaces.



Hesitant to ditch a neutral color scheme? Our catalog offers bright ideas for fall home rejuvenation. Bright hues look great in neutral spaces for fall.  Add a pop of color with an upholstered chair or ottoman in a vibrant fabric of your choice.  Sunny yellows, electric pinks and tangerines create a happy home.  Bright splashes of color are a great look for a kitchen, living room and practically any room in the house!  Liven fall interiors with our new selection of vibrant fabrics introduced at amazing prices!


Complete a sitting area with the Austin Chaise in Ahoki Citrine, plush pillows and more. Discover new ways to lounge in luxury with our new products and designs made specially for you! Upholstered chaises and settees add comfort and style to spaces for entertaining or personal relaxation. With over 250 furniture frames in our selection, every customized piece is unique and made to suit your needs. Design custom furnishings for a bedroom, dining area or every room of the house at Calico!

We’re working to provide the best selection and highest quality products for your home decorating needs. We’re introducing new fall products at incredible prices, bringing you luxury for less. With us, you’ll be cozied up in the home of your dreams long before the temperature falls. Stay tuned to catch the official launch of our fall catalog! Join our mailing list to be the first to see our catalog and new products. Want an even closer look? Visit your local design center and immerse yourself our beautiful world of custom home decorating.

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Fall’s the perfect time to refresh your home décor. Rather than settling for mass-produced, poorly made alternatives, picture yourself settling into luxury custom furnishings designed specifically to suit your home and personal taste. At Calico, we offer a wide selection of the highest quality custom furnishings and fabrics. Our free design services will help you create one-of-a-kind pieces your family will cherish for generations. Whether you’re looking to new designs or update existing pieces with custom reupholstery and slipcovers, Calico will help you turn your furniture dreams into reality.  Select from over 250 frames handcrafted in the USA to the highest standards.

Custom Window Treatments

Ready-made window treatments can gather or puddle in all the wrong places. We’ll customize treatments to fit any style and size, including tricky two-story windows, arched windows, bay windows and French doors. Play with different fabrics and embellishments for the finishing touch. We’ll work with you to get the details just right, such as double turned and blind stitched hems, desired fullness and high quality linings and interlinings.

Custom Window Treatments

Custom Seating 


The right chair should complement your home and your personality. Our custom upholstered options range from stylish dining chairs and wood accent chairs to classic club chairs and traditional wing chairs.

Calico Lance's Chair


A beautiful sofa makes a grand statement while grounding your living room and offering an inviting place to linger. Explore different frames and cushions for a masterpiece that’s entirely your own. By selecting custom furnishings, you never have to sacrifice style for comfort—or the other way around.


A cross between a bench and a sofa, the settee is perfect for the foyer, master bedroom and smaller locations in need of comfortable seating. Our custom design service will help you make it your own with elegant skirting or decorative legs. We’re loving the Barlow Loveseat in Latika Festival!

Calico Barlow Loveseat

Calico Barlow Loveseat Calico Latika Festival



Custom Bedding 

You spend about one third of your life sleeping…why not dream in the bed of your dreams? An upholstered headboard can transform your bedroom, and is perfect for propping up against when reading in bed. Choose from one of our nine frames, add your favorite fabric or embellishments, and then tuck yourself in with comfy, custom made bedding for the night. Sweet dreams!

Calico Custom Headboard

Custom Ottomans

A perfect addition to any living space, the versatile ottoman can serve many purposes. Try one as a traditional footrest, a bench at the foot of your bed or extra seating for unexpected guests. Top with a serving platter for a luxurious, makeshift cocktail table, or simply admire it is as a custom designed work of art. We offer ottomans in all shapes and sizes. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination with luxury custom furnishings!

Calico Custom Ottoman 

Calico Biscayne Rectangle Ottoman Calico Nate Berkus Patras Vista
Nate Berkus Fabric Collection

Whether you’re designing furniture for your first home or a weekend getaway, the journey begins at Calico. Luxury custom furnishings are one of a kind – and so are you! Visit a local Calico design center to explore available styles and details for the home furnishings of your dreams.

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Introducing French General Fabrics at Calico

by CalicoCorners

French General Fabrics have arrived at Calico! Inspired by the simple and sun-drenched traditions of the countryside, this collection offers the perfect opportunity to bring the spirit, or l’esprit, of Southern France to your home decorating projects. Rooted in rustic, timeless simplicity, the French General Collection is inviting and romantic without being overly feminine. When [...]

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